Our Price List

Select from a Variety of Options

All furniture is available in your choice of:
Ash Cherry Oak Osage Walnut Exotic Woods
Old-fashioned milk-painted wood in a variety of colors

Woven bottoms (seats) for chairs, stools, and benches are available in:
Flat Reed Seagrass Cord Shaker Tape Hickory Bark

Chairs, Rockers, and Bar Stools may also be ordered with:
Back slats and/or posts with custom hand-carved images or lettering
Back slats with custom laser-engraved images and/or lettering
Short or tall backs (Chairs & Rockers)

Solid Seat Benches are available:
In large (48") and medium (36") lengths
With smooth or natural bark edges
With custom laser-engraved images or lettering
With custom images hand-painted by Ann Angel, professional artist

Side Tables are available with smooth or natural bark edges.
Your choice of hand finishes by Fredi Angel & Glenna Angel, professional finishers.
NOTE: See price list for extra charges as applied.